Design and Decoration of Your Fireplace Mantel

fireplace mantelA fireplace mantel is typically known as that border or frame placed just outside your fireplace. It serves to make your fireplace stand out from the rest of the wall. Mantelpieces are used since medieval ages and were formerly known as chimney pieces. Primarily, they were used to catch smoke coming from the burning wood inside the fireplace. Nowadays they are commonly known as fireplace accessories as they are used mostly as decorative pieces.

Decorate your mantelpiece

Since the fireplace is meant to be the center of attraction inside your room, you can jazz up your mantelpiece and give it flair. Decorating your mantelpiece can be a fun project. Your artistic and creative side is unleashed when you choose the proper color, design, and decors that suit your fireplace. Giving your mantel a fresh new look can create wonders to the overall appearance of an otherwise dull room. Proper choice of materials and decorations can make a big difference. A balance of colors and adornments will give your room a luxurious feel.

Mantel design ideas for your room

When you have a fireplace in a spacious room, stone mantel is a good choice. Natural stones such as marble or granite make beautiful adornments. It gives your room a rustic tone and camp-like atmosphere. If you want a sleeker look, choose polished stones instead. However, having stone mantels can be expensive. Not only are the stones expensive but also the cost of labor. This is due to the intricate and detailed effort that it requires when it is put up.

If you want to create a countryside atmosphere, firebrick mantelpiece can help you achieve such look. They are fairly easy to install. Yet the design and color option for this type is quite limited. Sometimes, as a substitute for bricks, home owners use tiles instead. This is if you want to have more color options.

If your room is a bit small, a good idea is to choose a mantel with molding design. Wood or plaster molding will lift your fireplace and set it apart from the rest of the room and your wall. Keep the design simple and avoid those which have a lot of wood carvings. Wooden mantels are the traditional pieces which gives your home a stylish look. Metal mantels are also available if you want a more contemporary vibe.

Tips for decorating your mantelpiece

When you a stone mantel, it is best to keep the decors minimal. The natural stones themselves are already a beauty. You can accent it by placing a rectangular mirror with an elaborate frame. This is likewise true if you have a bricked mantel. Placing a nice art piece or painting just above it is quite enough. Adding a small vase with flowers on the side can also make a good touch.

On the other hand, an extra-long mantel gives you the option of placing a lot of things on top of it. You can place books with nice bookends on it. Antique silver pieces can also be placed on mantels. You just have to lessen and tone down the decors when you have a small mantel. Sometimes homeowners place photos. You can opt for pottery and ceramic dishes, or even unique pitchers. Perhaps the most classic piece that you can place on your mantelpiece is a clock. This will make your fireplace look simply elegant.

There are countless ways to decorate your mantelpiece. Nevertheless, as a rule of thumb, never over-accessorize. Otherwise, when you put too many pieces, it will have the reverse effect of making your room look cluttered. Choose some timeless pieces as accents. Go minimal by placing a d├ęcor that you want to stand out.

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